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Winning At Pick 3 Lotto Games


Pick 3 lotto games are fun and easy to play, especially when you win. The games involve picking three numbers from zero to nine. You can play your numbers straight, meaning that your numbers must come up in order. Or, you can also play the numbers boxed, which means no matter what order the numbers are picked in, you still win.

Winning numbers for pick 3 games can be grouped into three categories. There is the triple number, or one digit that is repeated three times, such as 222. This is the rarest of occurrences in pick 3 games. Double combinations are the next type of number that can win. This occurs when one digit is repeated, such as 772 or 855. This happens more often than the triple combination but not nearly as often as single combinations where all three numbers are different.

Double and triple combinations together make up roughly 30 percent of all winning number combinations, with triple combinations accounting for only about five percent. That means that 70 percent of the time all three numbers will be different. As a player of pick 3 games, this is good information to have. Playing single combinations is your best bet when choosing numbers to play.

Players that win pick 3 games most often play single combinations. They also avoid playing lucky numbers or quick picks. They also choose their own numbers. Keep these tips in mind if you want to win at pick 3 games and do not forget to box your winning numbers. For more great lotto advice, visit: