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How to Win Playing Online Lotto

If you enjoy playing lotto games or would like a chance at winning a huge jackpot, you can now play online. Online lotteries are becoming more and more popular around the world. People like the convenience of playing online. They don’t have to leave their home in order to play, but can enjoy winning just as well. Like traditional lotteries, there are strategies that one can use to gain an advantage and win at online lotteries. First, players should realize that using patterns of numbers is a no-no. Choosing numbers by fives or tens should not be done because the likelihood of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 being chosen is very slim. Some people will try and follow the straight, vertical, or horizontal patterns they find when they lay numbers out. This is also not recommended because, once again, you are selecting a pattern. Patterns of numbers give you the least likelihood of victory in lotto games. Avoiding patterns when choosing numbers will increase your odds of winning. The best tactic is to choose completely random numbers. This may involve picking them out of a hat or asking you kids for numbers. Depending on the website you use to play, they may have an automatic number generator that will select numbers for you, although you may have a better chance of winning by picking your own numbers. Regardless, choose the numbers at random. You can use birthdays or anniversaries, but remember everybody who uses those tactics would win along with you should your numbers hit. In that case, you would have to share your winnings.